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This tech doc has been superseded by Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext


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This is related to an index structure file issue.


  1. Make sure no backups are running and the temporary directory is empty. The temporary directory is usually c:\users\username\ .obm for a server, or c:\users\username\ .acb for a desktop
  2. Close the BOBcloud software interface
  3. Stop the Windows service Server Services for a server, or Desktop Services for a desktop
  4. Edit this file C:\Program Files\serverbackup\cb.opt

Modify this line as shown below com.ahsay.cloudbacko.core.bset.file.RemoteBDB.forceRebuild

From this:

To this:

  1. Restart the Windows service Server Services for a server, or Desktop Services for a desktop.
  2. Run the backup once.
  3. After it finishes close our software interface.
  4. Change the debug option back again com.ahsay.cloudbacko.core.bset.file.RemoteBDB.forceRebuild= to the original state in the ‘cb.opt’ file (otherwise, the next backup job will rebuild index again)
  5. Run the backup again to verify if the issue is solved.

Ahsay OBM \ ACB version 7